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If you are a property owner or developer interested in obtaining the services of Suburban Whitetail Management of Northern Virginia (SWMNV), please complete this form. The purpose of this survey is to establish the initial contact between property owners in the northern Virginia area who are experiencing problems with Whitetail deer and our service organization. Completion of this form is for informational purposes only and it does not represent an obligation on either party.

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Which best describes the community your property is in?

How receptive are your neighbors to the idea of using certified bowhunters to manage your deer?

Please estimate the size of the property

Please estimate the ratio of wooded land to open space.

Please estimate nature of the damage to your property caused by deer.

Please list any further details you have about the damage.

Please estimate the total value of all property damage caused by deer so far.

Local Deer Population

How large are the groups of deer that you regularly see together on your property

On average, how many days per week do you see deer on your property?

When do you most often see deer on your property?