Charity Work

SWMNV actively supports Hunters for the Hungry (H4H), as well as other charities, local and otherwise, by donating deer harvests where needed.  Members are expected to donate at least one out of three deer to charity.

Between 1998-2000, SWMNV hosted charity 3D Archery Tournaments in conjunction with other local archery groups such as Belvoir Bowhunters (1998-1999) and the Cub Run Archers (2000) to help raise funds necessary for processing the venison donations H4H receives during the regular hunting season. Belvoir Bowhunters has since made this an annual event of their own. 

Between 2002 and 2007, SWMNV hosted Annual SWMNV Golf Classics. These fund raising events were successful and allowed SWMNV to share thousands of dollars with H4H.