Contact SWMNV and describe the problem. If you want to learn more about the basics of bowhunting see our Bowhunting Basics Article.

A SWMNV representative will discuss the situation with you to determine if our services are appropriate for your particular property. Considerations include:

  • Size of the property and its proximity to neighbors.
  • The extent of the damage caused by deer.
  • Your neighbors' disposition toward deer management. (Would they be willing to participate or allow track & retrieve?)

If your property qualifies, the SWMNV coordinator for your county will arrange a visit with you. During this visit the representative will provide the paperwork needed to retain SWMNV as your hunting Agent. The paperwork grants SWMNV exclusive authorization to harvest deer on the property. It indemnifies the landowner from any liability. It includes the standard harvest rules used by SWMNV. It also includes any special rules required by the landowner that may be unique to this property. These special rules may include things like:

  • Specific places where parking is permitted or prohibited.
  • Certain times or dates when hunting is prohibited.
  • Special areas of the property which are off limits to hunting.
  • Specific hunting techniques which are required or prohibited

SWMNV will select the bowhunter or bowhunters for your property, who will then be introduced to you by our District Leader. In addition, you will be provided with an information list to include:  

  • The bowhunter’s name or names.
  • Vehicle description.
  • License plate number.

The designated hunter then introduces himself to the property owner and presents SWMNV identification.

The hunter then begins the process of harvesting deer from the property. Unless otherwise specified, most harvests will be donated to Hunters for the Hungry, a Virginia State sponsored group that uses donated venison to feed the less fortunate residents of Virginia. Hunters will offer to share venison from subsequent harvests with the landowner. NO VENISON IS WASTED.

Periodically, an SWMNV representative may contact the landowner to ensure that the landowner is happy with the way things are proceeding on his property. After a few months, the landowner will receive a hunter evaluation form. This form will allow SWMNV to learn more about the characteristics of each of our hunters. This information is used in the periodic Hunter Evaluation process.

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