Selection Process

Membership Selection Process

Suburban Whitetail Management of Northern Virginia Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, handicap, or national origin.  Although it is the intention of SWMNV to establish an maintain a membership evaluation process that is as fair as possible, we reserve the right to reject any applicant without notice or comment for any reason whatsoever except those enumerated above.

Regular membership is available only by invitation of our Governing Committee and depends upon the availability of client properties.

As applications are received, the Membership Officer reviews each one, as well as required supporting materials, to ensure completeness and compliance with minimum SWMNV requirements.  Applications that do not meet the minimum requirements for regular membership, are incomplete or lack required supporting materials are declined. 

The Membership Officer uses the following factors when evaluating applications (significance is not based on the following order):

  • Number of harvests
  • Years of experience bowhunting
  • Participation in similar programs, e.g., Quantico Mainside; Fort Belvoir.
  • Experience in suburban hunting situations.
  • Membership in bowhunting clubs.
  • Applicant’s expressed willingness to follow rules and actively support SWMNV.

Applicants selected by the Membership Officer are invited to complete the SWMNV shooting proficiency test.  Upon successful completion of the shooting test the applicant will be invited to complete an in-person interview with members of the GovCom.  Only after reviewing the totality of the application and information obtained from the interview will the Governing Committee determine whether or not to approve or decline an individual into membership.